Project Description

Specs & Info

  • Sweetman Brothers is a 1980 Chevy Citation body on a 125 inch wheelbase S & W chassis.
  • The powerplant is a Keith Black 526 Hemi combined with a Lenco 3-speed with a Hays triple disc clutch.
  • Best ET:  6.85 sec     Best MPH:  203 mph


  • Henry Sweetman and the boys match raced this car back in the mid 80’s.
  • The car sat in storage until they decided to get involved with the growing nostalgia funny car movement in 2004.

Driver & Crew

  • Owner:  Henry Sweetman
  • Driver:  Drew Sweetman
  • Crew Chief:  Dannie Sweetman
  • Crew: Tony Facenda & Willie Stull

Team Location

  • Elkton, MD


  • D&M Diesel Repair