Project Description

Specs & Info

  • The Plymouth Arrow body sits atop a Ken Cox 125″ chassis.
  • The power plant is a 555 ci Big Block Chevy mated to a Freddy Brown 2-speed powerglide transmission.
  • Best ET:  7.86 sec     Best MPH:  166 mph


  • This car originally had a Corvette body on it which was called the Jersey Stud then it became the Scarlet Fever. Somewhere down the line the Corvette was replaced with the current Arrow body. The Arrow body was from the Electric Warrior nitro funny car.

Team Location

  • Old Bridge, NJ

Driver & Crew

  • Owner: Frank Barnard
  • Driver: Frank Barnard
  • Crew Chief: Frank Barnard
  • Super Crew: Jimmy Barnard, Debbie Barnard, Melissa Vaccariello