Project Description

Specs & Info

  • The No Money No Funny 1969 Nova sports a 125″ wheelbase chassis powered by an Enderle stack injection on top of a big block Chevrolet coupled to a Powerglide transmission.
  • It is believed that this is the old Roman Rat car campaigned by Bob Tordgnu on the East Coast.
  • Multi-year winner of the Injection class at the Funny Car Nationals.
  • Best ET:  7.81 sec     Best MPH:  171 mph

Driver & Crew

  • Owner: Willie Johnson
  • Driver: Willie Johnson
  • Crew Chief:  Todd Bechtoldt
  • Crew:  Toyota Tommy, Jimmie Czar, Louie Laferrara

Team Location

  • Edison, NJ


  • Rick’ Auto Recovery
  • Inman Auto Parts