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Project Description

Specs & Info

Event sponsor Good Vibrations Motorsports is hauling their funny car all the way across the states to PA for this years event.  Ford gets another representative with the newly built 120″ chassis mid-80’s Tempo funny car of Jim and James Maher of Good Vibes Racing 2.0.  The Tempo sports a 500 cubic inch Hemi and hooked up to a Mike’s Transmission Monster glide.

A FIE Supermag IV lights the candles, Enderle injection feeds the fuel and a Blower Shop 8-71 blower stuffs the air into the powerful Hemi all while DJ Safety keeps driver James safe and secure for each pass.

Best ET & MPH: TBA

Team Location: Whittier, CA

Driver & Crew

Owner:   Jim & James Maher
Driver:    James Maher
Crew:   Jessica Vargas, Randy Walton, Kasey Smith


Good Vibrations Motorsports, Mike’s Transmission, Aeromotive Fuel Systems, Enderle Fuel Injection, The Blower Shop, Fuel Injection Enterprises, Smiley Headers, SCE Gaskets, System 1 Filters, Billet Connection (Clear View Oil Filters), Xtreme Racecar Plumbing (XRP)