Photo by Jeff Unfried

8th Annual Quaker City Nostalgia Classic & the Pace Performance Great Lakes Funny Car Nationals

May 24, 2015
Quaker City Motorsports Park, Salem, OH

Well, it is Memorial Day weekend and that can only mean one thing. Time for the Quaker City Nostalgia Classic and the Great Lakes Funny Car Nationals presented by Pace Performance at Quaker City Motorsports Park.

This is the second year for the running of The Funny Car Nationals in conjunction with the Nostalgia Classic. Sunday morning was warm & in the morning and there was already a long line of cars waiting to get into the track.

The spectators filled the place up early; the stands appeared to be full by the time first round started. The morning was filled with qualifying by all of the various classes that were in attendance, like the Ohio Outlaw AA Gassers, UMTR, Southern Slingshots, Nostalgic Notions and Super Stock.

Photo by Jeff Unfried

Bret Kepner was the guest announcer and he really added a big-time feel to the event. The crowd was noticeably larger than last year.

By early afternoon it was time to start the show. First out for the funnies were the injected cars. Krista Massarella last years bug winner was doing the driving duties this year behind the wheel of her Temporary Insanity Monza. Krista was a little intimidated at first by the Quaker City hill, but clicked of a nice 8.11 first pass. Dustin Corn from Farmland, IN brought out his unique rear-engine Corvette funny car; this car really was a crowd pleaser.

Frank Barnard finished the round being the quickest injected car with a 7.93.

Photo by Bob Wenzelburger

The blown funny cars were next with 23 cars making the call. There were many new faces this year and they did not disappoint the crowd, like the Lawman ’70 Mustang with a boss 429 power plant it is a real stunner, but unfortunately they had some breakage that put them on the trailer.

The Pol-Cal Corvette from Hamburg, NY with a small block Chevy clicked off a straight and stout 7.35. There were plenty of low-to-mid 7-second runs along with a few mid-sixes to really get the crowd going.

At the end of round one the Streakers Ride Camaro was on top for the Midwest with a 6.67 and Kim McKean from the East ran a 6.41.

Second round started out very exciting for the injected cars. Frank Barnard in the Poison Arrow got a little sideways and tagged the wall but never lifted. Krista bettered her first round number with an 8.03 and The No Money No Funny 69 Nova ran a 7.93 putting him in the final against the Poison Arrow.

Photo by Jeff Unfried

The second round brought quicker runs for the blown cars, but several of the drivers seemed to be trying too hard and either turned on the red light or rolled thru the beams before the tree was activated.

The Streakers Ride Camaro bettered his first round run with a 6.57 putting him in the finals against the Agent Orange Duster with a 6.41. There was a tense moment for the Duster as the Mascott Corvette out of Mechanicsville, NY was last to make a pass and had the chance to possibly push Kim out of the finals. It was not meant to be as Scott Ringwood driving the Corvette just missed the mark with a 6.42.

For the last three years we have paired the blown cars up in a Midwest vs. East format. This year going into the finals the East had a 12 – 11 margin.

Photo by Bob Wenzelburger

The blown final had Ron Ooms in the Streakers Ride 69 Camaro with a 6.57 going up against last years winner from the East Kim McKean in the Agent Orange Duster. Ron treed the Duster with a .002 light and held on for the win.

The injected final saw Frank Barnard in the Poison Arrow with a 7.93 against Wille Johnson in the No Money No Funny Nova also with a 7.93. Wille left first and Frank used the whole 1/4 mile trying to reel him in, but there just wasn’t enough track.

The Good Vibration Motorsports Reaction time award went to Bob Daly with the Warhorse Mustang II for the injected class and Ron Ooms in the Streakers ride for the blown class.

Photo by Bob Wenzelburger

Steve Musser sponsored the first round burnout contest in name of VisionCorps Foundation. VisionCorps helps families with children that are blind or have vision problems. The first round injected winner was Bob Daly with the Warhorse Mustang II. The Blown winner was Bob Rosetty with the Funny Farmer Pinto.

M.J.M. Trucking sponsored the second round burnout contest. The injected winner was Frank Barnard in the Poison Arrow and Rocky Ausec in the Solid Rock Mustang was the winner in the blown class.

Customs Unlimited, out of Hartville, OH sponsored the BUG (Back Up Girl) Award. Niki Horvath who backs up the Damn Yankee Vega was the winner with Cristina Kabb who backs up the Feelin Groovy Vega was the runner-up.

Once again John Troxel from Holtz Summit, MO took home the Longest Tow Award.

Photo by Rick Lee

We want to thank Pace Performance for being the presenting sponsor once again. They also had the Pace Performance show trailer on display. The trailer has a big array of the products and engines that Pace Performance has to offer.

Thanks to Norm Fox and all of the Quaker City Motorsports Park staff that made this such a memorial event. The facility is top notch and the track crew had the surface prepped to handle all of the cars that were there.

Thanks to Jim and James Maher of Good Vibrations Motorsports for sponsoring the Quickest Reaction Award and for coming all the way from California to hang out at the Quaker City Nostalgia Classic and Pace Performance Funny Car Nationals.

Thanks to Peak Products and Blue Def for being the Event Winner sponsor. Also thanks to Jerry Streb, John DeCort, Mike Klontz, John & Lindsey Francis for helping make the event move along smoothly.

Photo by Jeff Unfried

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Ron Ooms & Willie Johnson

Ron Ooms & Bob Daly