Dennis Salzwimmer, the leader of the Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit stands in front of the more than 2 dozen classic funny cars that gathered at this years 9th annual Pace Performance Funny Car Nationals held at Quaker City Motorsports Park’s Nostalgia Classic.

2016 Quaker City Motorsports Park Nostalgia Classic & 9th Annual Pace Performance Funny Car Nationals

May 28-29th 2016
Quaker City Motorsports Park, Salem, OH

It was Memorial Day weekend and it was time for the Quaker City Motorsports Park Nostalgia Classic and the 9th Annual Pace Performance Funny Car Nationals to roll into town. According to the entire North East Ohio meteorologist contingent it did not promise to be a dry weekend. As they often are, they were wrong at least in Salem, Ohio. Friday was sunny and pretty warm, Saturday was hot & sticky with one pop up shower and Sunday was just warm and cloudy.

This year we were pushing a weekend pass. Saturday Night was billed as Funny Cars under the Lights brought to you by Good Vibrations Motorsports with a special attraction; we added a new versus old funny car race with Bunny Burkett in the Avenger funny car taking on Scott Ringwood in the Mistress 78 Corvette. We also had a special Husband versus Wife race with Chris Massarella in the Total Insanity Blown Monza taking on Krista Massarella in her Temporary Insanity Monza. Plus there was plenty of time to hang out with all of the drivers during the night.

After a day of bracket racing it was time to start the Saturday night festivities. First out was the divorce settlement match race. The two Monzas came out with great burnouts and a few old fashion dry hops, both cars are painted identical so it was like double exposure. The way this was to work was each car would dial in from their career best ETs. Well the tree was not set correctly and the tree came down evenly. Krista did come out first and held Chris off till about half track and then the blown big block passed by for the win.

Next up was the challenge of new versus old. Matt Stambaugh driving Bunny’s car came out with the traditional half-track burnout with the American Flag waving proudly over the car. Scott Ringwood came out with a great burnout also. Both cars staged and Scott was out like a shot taking the win with a 6.43 over the Avenger.

After the feature there were several of the funny car teams making test passes trying to dial in their cars for the following day.After finishing up more bracket racing the sun had disappeared and it was time for some funny cars under the lights. Again several of the teams made test shots. The Massarella’s took the track once again. This time Chris took the nod and never looked back.

Once again the Bunny Burkett Avenger was set to take on the Mistress Corvette. After the two smoky burnouts the stage was set, Scott was out first and took the win. This was not a typical night for the Avenger and the crew stayed till the wee hours of the morning to try to solve the problems.

The Sunday sun came up early and the pits were already buzzing with activity. The crowd was treated to an on track photo session reminiscent of the old days with all 28 funny cars lined up on the race track for a photo shoot with the drivers standing proudly in front of their rides.

After the photo shoot there was time for autographs and then the drivers were busy preparing their cars for the upcoming two round Chicago-style eliminations.

It was time for a few pre-race introductions with Bret Kepner the guest announcer and Dennis Salzwimmer who along with Quaker City Motorsports Park puts this great event together. Dennis explained that next year will be the 10th Anniversary of the Pace Performance Funny Car Nationals and he promised that it would be a 32 car field! The crowd seemed very excited with that announcement.

After the National Anthem the Total Insanity Monza and the Solid Rock Mustang came up and over the hill to lead into a tremendous burnout. The Mustang did not run strong as usual and the Monza took the win.

Tom & Steve Timoszyk brought out their recently finished recreation of Poncho Rendon’s Detroit Tiger Monza; they took on Jon Wall in another 70’s car, the Fireball Monza racing out of Massachusetts. Both cars put on a show for the crowd, the Fireball Monza moved first and put him into what would be the finals with a 7.02.

With almost 13 pairs of funny cars this was just some of the highlights.

It was after mid-day and the time was set to run the second round to see who would face one another in the finals. As an added treat Scott Ringwood agreed to give the Bunny Burkett team a chance to possibly go home with at least one win. Both cars seemed ready for the call. While backing up from the burnout the Mistress Corvette was shut off due to a broken blower belt. The two went back to the pits to regroup and would return at the end of the round.

The injected funny cars were first out with some very good runs. The car that caught everyone’s attention was the recently painted beautiful Iron Outlaw Mustang II driven by Jamie Russell. This car was brought out at the end of last season and it will be a force to be reckoned with powered by an injected 426 Hemi.

Bob Daly and the Warhorse Mustang II came out with a Chi Town Hustler style burnout. Bob ended up taking the burnout contest in the injected class for both the first & second round.

The Pol–Cal Corvette hailing from Hamburg NY took on the Mopar Crazy Challenger which is tuned by Roland Leong. Chris Schneider pulled a whole shot on John and took the win with a 7.78 to a losing 7.57.

The Mistress Corvette was fixed so it was time for them to take on Bunny & the Boys one last time. Super-shoe Matt Stambaugh brought out the Avenger with a thunderous burnout. Matt was out first but the Corvette reeled him and took the win.

It was time for the finals, first up Frank Barnard in the Poison Arrow was up against the No Money No Funny Nova driven by Willie Johnson. These two cars have been up against each other in several finals. The Poison Arrow spun the tire right at the hit and never recovered with Willie taking the win.

The blown finals were next with Jon Wall in the Fireball Monza who ran a 7.02 taking on Ron Ooms in the Streaker’s Ride Camaro with a 7.09. The Monza came out first with a killer burnout. The two staged and it was a race to the finished with the Fireball Monza taking the win.

Bunny & the Boys had been working feverishly to try and determine what the problem was with the car as it had not ran up to par all weekend. They came out one last time as the show came to an end. The spectators that were still there were treated to a fine 6.27 run as they finally fixed there problem. This is probably the quickest run in a piston driven vehicle that this track has seen in some time.

The special awards that were handed out at this years event included The Burnout Award given in memory Of John DeCort who ran with the GLNFCC, Supercharged Warriors and owned a local chassis shop. It was presented by Friends of John DeCort.

It is very hard to put together a report that would do justice of running 55 funny car passes in 4 hours. It was a spectacular show with exciting runs and beautiful race cars. You don’t want to miss this event next year so mark the date on your calendar or on your phone: May 28th, 2017.

We want to thank Pace Performance for being the presenting sponsor once again this year. They also had the Pace Performance show trailer on display. The trailer has a big array of the products and engines that Pace Performance has to offer.

Thanks to Norm Fox and all of the Quaker City Motorsports Park staff that made this such a memorial event. The facility is top notch a pleasure to race at, as well as, attend as a spectator.

Thanks to Jim and James Maher of Good Vibrations Motorsports for sponsoring the Quickest Reaction Award and for again coming all the way from California to be at this years event.

Thanks to Peak Products and Blue Def for being the Event Winner sponsor. Also special thanks to Jerry Streb and Mike Klontz for helping make the event move along smoothly.

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Peak Event Winner

Jon Wall, Fireball Monza

Willie Johnson, No Money No Funny

Best Reaction Time

Chris Schneider, Mopar Crazy

Frank Barnard, Poison Arrow

The Burnout Awards

1st Round: Bob Toth, Time Bomb
2nd Round: Chris Massarella, Total Insanity

1st Round: Bob Daly, Warhorse
2nd Round: Bob Daly, Warhorse

Back Up Girl Award

Winner:  Krista Massarella

[pp_gal]”>Photo by Jeff Unfried

8th Annual Quaker City Nostalgia Classic & the Pace Performance Great Lakes Funny Car Nationals

May 24, 2015
Quaker City Motorsports Park, Salem, OH

Well, it is Memorial Day weekend and that can only mean one thing. Time for the Quaker City Nostalgia Classic and the Great Lakes Funny Car Nationals presented by Pace Performance at Quaker City Motorsports Park.

This is the second year for the running of The Funny Car Nationals in conjunction with the Nostalgia Classic. Sunday morning was warm & in the morning and there was already a long line of cars waiting to get into the track.

The spectators filled the place up early; the stands appeared to be full by the time first round started. The morning was filled with qualifying by all of the various classes that were in attendance, like the Ohio Outlaw AA Gassers, UMTR, Southern Slingshots, Nostalgic Notions and Super Stock.

Photo by Jeff Unfried

Bret Kepner was the guest announcer and he really added a big-time feel to the event. The crowd was noticeably larger than last year.

By early afternoon it was time to start the show. First out for the funnies were the injected cars. Krista Massarella last years bug winner was doing the driving duties this year behind the wheel of her Temporary Insanity Monza. Krista was a little intimidated at first by the Quaker City hill, but clicked of a nice 8.11 first pass. Dustin Corn from Farmland, IN brought out his unique rear-engine Corvette funny car; this car really was a crowd pleaser.

Frank Barnard finished the round being the quickest injected car with a 7.93.

Photo by Bob Wenzelburger

The blown funny cars were next with 23 cars making the call. There were many new faces this year and they did not disappoint the crowd, like the Lawman ’70 Mustang with a boss 429 power plant it is a real stunner, but unfortunately they had some breakage that put them on the trailer.

The Pol-Cal Corvette from Hamburg, NY with a small block Chevy clicked off a straight and stout 7.35. There were plenty of low-to-mid 7-second runs along with a few mid-sixes to really get the crowd going.

At the end of round one the Streakers Ride Camaro was on top for the Midwest with a 6.67 and Kim McKean from the East ran a 6.41.

Second round started out very exciting for the injected cars. Frank Barnard in the Poison Arrow got a little sideways and tagged the wall but never lifted. Krista bettered her first round number with an 8.03 and The No Money No Funny 69 Nova ran a 7.93 putting him in the final against the Poison Arrow.

Photo by Jeff Unfried

The second round brought quicker runs for the blown cars, but several of the drivers seemed to be trying too hard and either turned on the red light or rolled thru the beams before the tree was activated.

The Streakers Ride Camaro bettered his first round run with a 6.57 putting him in the finals against the Agent Orange Duster with a 6.41. There was a tense moment for the Duster as the Mascott Corvette out of Mechanicsville, NY was last to make a pass and had the chance to possibly push Kim out of the finals. It was not meant to be as Scott Ringwood driving the Corvette just missed the mark with a 6.42.

For the last three years we have paired the blown cars up in a Midwest vs. East format. This year going into the finals the East had a 12 – 11 margin.

Photo by Bob Wenzelburger

The blown final had Ron Ooms in the Streakers Ride 69 Camaro with a 6.57 going up against last years winner from the East Kim McKean in the Agent Orange Duster. Ron treed the Duster with a .002 light and held on for the win.

The injected final saw Frank Barnard in the Poison Arrow with a 7.93 against Wille Johnson in the No Money No Funny Nova also with a 7.93. Wille left first and Frank used the whole 1/4 mile trying to reel him in, but there just wasn’t enough track.

The Good Vibration Motorsports Reaction time award went to Bob Daly with the Warhorse Mustang II for the injected class and Ron Ooms in the Streakers ride for the blown class.

Photo by Bob Wenzelburger

Steve Musser sponsored the first round burnout contest in name of VisionCorps Foundation. VisionCorps helps families with children that are blind or have vision problems. The first round injected winner was Bob Daly with the Warhorse Mustang II. The Blown winner was Bob Rosetty with the Funny Farmer Pinto.

M.J.M. Trucking sponsored the second round burnout contest. The injected winner was Frank Barnard in the Poison Arrow and Rocky Ausec in the Solid Rock Mustang was the winner in the blown class.

Customs Unlimited, out of Hartville, OH sponsored the BUG (Back Up Girl) Award. Niki Horvath who backs up the Damn Yankee Vega was the winner with Cristina Kabb who backs up the Feelin Groovy Vega was the runner-up.

Once again John Troxel from Holtz Summit, MO took home the Longest Tow Award.

Photo by Rick Lee

We want to thank Pace Performance for being the presenting sponsor once again. They also had the Pace Performance show trailer on display. The trailer has a big array of the products and engines that Pace Performance has to offer.

Thanks to Norm Fox and all of the Quaker City Motorsports Park staff that made this such a memorial event. The facility is top notch and the track crew had the surface prepped to handle all of the cars that were there.

Thanks to Jim and James Maher of Good Vibrations Motorsports for sponsoring the Quickest Reaction Award and for coming all the way from California to hang out at the Quaker City Nostalgia Classic and Pace Performance Funny Car Nationals.

Thanks to Peak Products and Blue Def for being the Event Winner sponsor. Also thanks to Jerry Streb, John DeCort, Mike Klontz, John & Lindsey Francis for helping make the event move along smoothly.

Photo by Jeff Unfried

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Ron Ooms & Willie Johnson

Ron Ooms & Bob Daly

7th Annual Quaker City Nostalgia Classic & the Pace Performance Great Lakes Funny Car Nationals

May 25, 2014
Quaker City Motorsports Park, Salem, OH

This year The Great Lakes Nostalgia Funny Car Circuit brought their Funny Car Nationals to Quaker City Motorsports Park in Salem, Ohio. The event was combined with Quaker City’s annual nostalgia get together, The Quaker City Nostalgia Classic & Pace Performance Great Lakes Funny Car Nationals.

Twenty one funny cars raced the Chicago Style event with an East versus Midwest format with the quickest funny car from each region facing off in the final.

The first round saw 19 blown funny cars face off. This was the first weekend of racing at Quaker City this year so it was still a little green, which made for some exciting runs. One of the highlights of this round was the High Psi Arrow kicking one of timing blocks right at the freshly repainted Warpath Somerset.

6th Annual Marion County Nostalgia Funny Car Nationals

August 24, 2013
Marion County International Raceway, LaRue, OH

It was that time of year again when the best nostalgia alcohol funny cars travel to a little track known as MCIR in the middle of Ohio corn country.

All week leading up to the event the weather was predicted to be mid to high 70’s and sunny, they weren’t wrong. By mid Friday the participants started to fill the pits with funny cars and gassers. Friday night some of the teams chose to make some test runs and others thought it would be a good time to socialize.

There was some tense moments for the Time Bomb team as they had coil issues, but thanks to MSD expert and local Delaware resident Dave Leahy they were able to get their problem fixed. Saturday morning rolled along and the pits were mostly full and all of the teams were prepping their machines for the afternoon challenge.

All day long there was plenty of smack talk between the East & the Midwest teams. The spectators even seem to get into the friendly rivalry. There was plenty for the spectators to do and see as there were 15 blown, 4 injected funny cars, 22 gassers, Tim Arfons Green Monster front engine turbine dragster along with the Dustman Brothers blown 392 front engine dragster. The restored Pocket Rocket mini funny car was even on display.

The day was also full of racing and testing. The Time Bomb came out for a test run to make sure that the ignition problem was solved. The car sounded strong and did a killer burnout. Bob Toth was driving the machine and during the run showed that he has piloted these type of machines before, as the car ran hard but got out of the groove forcing Bob to pedal the car at least twice and he still somehow managed to run a 7.03.

After the usual introductions, it was time to start the program. The Gassers came out first with their hard charging wheels up show. The injected funnies were next. Willie Johnson was the top injected car running a great 7.93 at 167.42.

Up first for the blown cars was the Shyster for the Midwest and Sharky’s Machine for the East. During the burnout the Sharky’s Machine Hemi came apart oiling the right lane. This put the show back, as it took some time to clean the lane. This also seem to taint the right lane for the remainder of the round.

The rest of the first round was one sided but most of the drivers from the East did their best to make it a race. Chris Massarella driving the Total Insanity Monza was in & out of the throttle at least three times still posting a 8.87 @175.

The Midwest had a easier go of it as Mark Horvath driving the Damn Yankee ran a 7.27/189 with Nick Tilley and the Shyster Corvette just behind him with a 7.29 189.19. The Solid Rock Mustang fresh off a personal best run of 7.38 at Rt.66 Raceway ran a 7.57 for the third best E.T. for the night.

The round came to a close with the Green Monster 19 driven by Tim Arfons taking on the Dustman Brothers 392 powered front engine dragster. Jim and his brother John built the chassis on both of these cars. The Green Monster is a wheel driven dragster and did not have the usual fire show or thrust associated with most jet dragsters.It was really different to see a FED doing a burnout and not making much noise. The Jet was out first but the hemi powered dragster caught up by mid track and made it a close race.

To make matters worse the timing system was malfunctioning and that took some time to fix thus allowing the track to cool down more and more dew to move in. First pair out the Sweetman Brothers’ Citation taking on the DeCort brothers in the Old & Fuelish Corvette. John came out with his trademark halftrack burnout. Both cars staged with the Citation moving first but both cars fighting to stay in control the whole length of the track.

Chris Massarella in the Total Insanity was able to get some control and pull out a 177.85 MPH with only a 9.57E.T. It seemed that the way to overcome the track was to take off easy and apply more pressure down track. There were several drivers that managed mph’s in the 160 plus range.

Mark Horvath in the Damn Yankee again showed everyone how to do it as he ran an all over his lane with a 7.99 @165.38.

We had one more chance to see the Green Monster, Tim ran a 9.18 @ 183.72 to the Dustmans Brothers 8.67 @ 179.13. Tim wanted to run his first 200 MPH but it will have to happen another day.

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Photo Gallery

Lighting up the night: Bill Anderson's RoadShow matched up against Jerry & Marie Streb's Dazed & Confused. Matt Brehmer Photo.

Bob Daly, Jr. made the trip from New Jersey bring his War Horse Mustang II to compete in the injected class. Chuck Clark Photo.

Another exciting part of the show are the dozens of A/FX, Gassers, Dragsters, Altereds and Hot Rods that attend the events. Chuck Clark Photo.

The staging lanes at Marion are filled with fiberglass bodies. Matt Brehmer Photo.

The Time Bomb 1972 Vega nostalgia funny car of Rocky Roxlau from New Jersey representing one of the East Coast cars. Matt Brehmer Photo.

The DeCort Brothers' Old & Fuelish and their trademark smokey burnouts are always a crowd pleaser. Chuck Clark Photo.

East Coast husband & wife team of Chris & Krista Massarella and their Total Insanity Monza put on a great show every year. Chuck Clark Photo.

5th Annual Marion County Nostalgia Funny Car Nationals

August 25, 2012
Marion County International Raceway, LaRue, OH

After the turnout at last year’s event we thought it would be tough to top, we were looking to have over 30 funny cars this year. As the week before the event progressed the number of expected funny cars were being whittled down due to various reasons. Friday came and the cars started to fill the pits. There was a wide range of cars from past entries to many new cars that had not been to the event before.

As the sun rose and Saturday got under way many of the teams were socializing and preparing their cars for the early evening show. By noon the spectators had started to file in and this continued all day. You could see and feel the excitement from the spectators. Mid-afternoon several of the entries took to the track to make test runs. The cars made successful test passes and it looked like the evening show would be a good one.

As is customary we had the Nostalgic Notions and Great Lakes Gasser groups on hand and combined they brought 25 gassers to help compliment the show. We had several display cars on hand, two of which were unique. John Francis brought out the Pocket Rocket rocket car that was campaigned in the early 80’s by Larry Nagle from Cleveland, Oh. Nick Lazzaretta brought out the just out of storage Mickey Thompson Reveller Pontiac Grand Am. Both cars got a lot of attention from the crowd all day long.

Well the day had slipped away and it was time to bring up the fiberglass monsters and tear up the track. After a brief introduction from the track owner Mark Primavera the first pair was brought up to the line.

Two of the GLNFCC regulars were first out; it was Rocky Ausec in the Solid Rock Mustang up against the Sharkey’s Machine Omni. Both cars came out with strong burnouts and old style dry hops. The Mustang was out first but the Omni nipped him just at the line. This pair definitely set the pace for the evening. From there on it was more great side-by-side runs by the blown cars. The usually strong contingents of injected cars were down to two from the East Coast. We did have a little fun as Ed Kasicki from Mantua, Oh, stepped in with his BBC injected front engine dragster.

First round Eddie was up against the always-entertaining No Money No Funny 69 Nova driven by Willie Johnson. The run was just plain, cool old school dragster VS funny car. Willie Ran a 7.94/167 to the dragsters 7.97/167. Frank Barnard in the Poison Arrow closed out the round with a stout 7.99/164 with his injected car.

The cars hurried back to the pits to prepare for round two. After a round of gassers and some bracket racing it was FUNNY CARS to the lanes. This round was under the lights and even more exciting then the first round. First up was the traveling husband & wife team Chris & Krista Massarella from N.J. with the Total Insanity Monza They were up against the recently finished Timoszyk Family Parts Peddler Cuda. Chris did his best to try and win the best burnout on this run. You could not see either car down track as the smoke just laid in the night summer air.

The Monza was out first, the Cuda tried its best to reel him in but came up just a little short. Rocky Roxlau came all the way from N.J. to attend his first FCN and brought his gorgeous Time Bomb 72 Vega. They have had some issues getting the car down the track, but the car came alive at MCIR and ran two great 7.32 passes. Another team that traveled a ways was the Sweetman Brothers. They have attended the race before but always had a gremlin follow them from Delaware. This year they were able to make a clean run first pass then on the second pass Drew showed the crowd how to use up the whole lane on one run. This is what makes watching a funny car race exciting.

Rocky Pirrone always the showman brought along his flame show and a plan to avenge last years defeat. Second round Rocky laid down a strong 6.99 to put him in the finals against the Damn Yankee who had also been in the final at the first two Marion County Funny Car Nationals.

There are many great stories within this event but the one that really defines the event and the participants is this one. Bob Trysek from Pittsburgh, Pa. has put together the car of his dreams. It is a 72 Vega called The Crazy Bear. It is a recreation of a BB/FC that he worked on in the 70’s before he went in the Navy. Bob knew the car count was down and brought the car out to be a part of the show. Being a new car Bob found a few gremlins that he battled on Friday & Saturday, but not alone, every time he was working on the car there was a GLNFCC member or two by his side helping him out. After trying to make a test pass Bob dejectedly said he was not comfortable enough to run the car.

Bill Hallett who runs the Red Barn Cuda was sidelined as he hurt his car the week before at a race in Illinois. Of course Bill was not happy not being able to participate in the event as he has raced at every FCN. Bob asked if Bill would drive his car. He said yes. The first round they had an electrical issue but came back out second round and Bill motored the Vega down the MCIR quarter mile on its maiden voyage. That is camaraderie.

The Poison Arrow took on the Excelerator front engine dragster this round. The dragster moved first and crossed the finish at 7.98/168 to Franks close 7.98/164, now that was a race. To close out the round we had a treat for the crowd. Lance Good in Sharky’s Machine did an old school fire burnout. It looked spectacular and he finished by making another mid seven second run.

This led us to the finals and the bragging rights for the year. Who would get The Best Funny Car East Of The Mississippi Cup for 2012? Unfortunately since both injected cars were from N.J. this was a given to the East Coast, but there is still a big rivalry between the Old Veteran Willie Johnson with the No Money No Funny against the youngster Frank Barnard in the Poison Arrow. Frank had won the last two years in the injected class. Both cars sounded strong and did killer burnouts; both teams appeared to be loaded for bear. Both cars left about the same and were nose-to-nose past the finish line with Willie taking the win and his first FCN title.

Up next were the blown finals, pitting the Screamin Eagle Trans Am with a 6.99 against the Damn Yankee Vega with a 7.38.

The night air had moved in and the track was changing so the 4 tenths difference was not a given. Both cars came out and boiled the big slicks way past half-track. The crew did their best to see through the smoke to back them up. The tree came down and both cars were off, it seemed at one point the Trans Am started to pull away but the track showed it was in charge and had both drivers using their steering wheels. Both cars used up much of their own lane and threaten to cross over. The Screamin Eagle just inched out the win and will go home to Philadelphia with the hardware they deserved.

There were many special awards given out and to see a complete list of those check out our website

Marion County Funny Car Nationals 5 had to be the best overall event yet, yes we were down on car count but that did not hurt the quality of the show one bit. Plan ahead for #6.

Special thanks to the following sponsors, Mike’s Roofing Inc, Peak Products, Herculiner, O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, Pace Performance, Good Vibrations Motorsports, Total Flow Products, Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels, Rick’s Towing, Lininger Trailer Sales, Classy Carts, Warped Worm Engineering, M J M Trucking and The Stark County Racers Association.

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4th Annual Marion County Nostalgia Funny Car Nationals

August 6, 2011
Marion County International Raceway, LaRue, OH

By nightfall on Friday night the pits were filled, there were only a few teams left to come in on Saturday. There was much going on as the teams prepped the cars for the upcoming battle pitting The Midwest funny cars against The East Coast funny cars.

Saturday started with the sun shining. This gave all of the teams a chance to catch up with everyone. This is the only time of the year that some of the teams have an opportunity to see one another.

Late morning the first rain came and we would see it again several times during the day. We found out later that we were lucky as it rained off and on all day around the track.

The show got a late start but we were able to get two rounds of racing in before the rain finally put an end to the day.

Bob Rosetty with the Rollin’ Stoned Cuda found out early that he had a problem with a piston and could not run. Dave Cobbs who runs the Finders Keepers Willys gasser also had his funny car project in the trailer. The pistons in his car would work in the Cuda, so they stripped his engine and it became a piston donor. Hats off to Dave Cobb, this is what funny car racing is all about.

All of the cars were towed down the strip and introduced to the excited crowd. We had 32 cars show up with 31 running down the strip.

First round of the injected cars brought out a great show. Kevin Johnson and the old school Glory Daze Camaro was hanging the front-end way up in the air. Many of the cars did dry hops.

The sun had set so the second round was under the lights. Willie Johnson with the No Money, No Funny Nova made a solid pass, he had some issues the first round. George Monahan came down from Bright, Ont. Canada and made a good showing, with his second pass putting him in the finals against Frank Barnard and the Poison Arrow.

There were a total of 22 blown cars in competition. The drivers were talking smack all day long. The first pair was two drivers that know how to do a burnout. Bob Toth in the Tweety’s Rat Vega, and John DeCort in the Old & Fuelish Corvette. This got the crowd fired up.

The heavily favored East Coast Screamin’ Eagle driven by Rocky Pirrone came out and darn near did a full quatermile burnout. I think he was throwing down the gauntlet.

John Cerchio brought out the beautiful Warpath Buick Somerset all the way from NJ. This is definitely a car you must see in person.

John Troxel with the Mopar Crazy Challenger brought a little tuning help with him, Roland Leong. His tuning tips paid off as Chris Schneider drove the car hard to a personal best E.T. of 7.88

Two times FCN champ Mike Klontz with his ’79 Mustang put to rest the idea that the track went away with the rain, as he stopped the clocks with a 6.87/203.

Sue Christohersen was out with her and her husbands new Susie Q ’57 Chevy. They finally tamed the beast down and made a nice 7.52 pass that went straight down broadway.

Second round for the blown cars was late and there was concern about the dew setting in.

The second pair up was the Snakebite Mustang taking on the Screamin Eagle TransAm. Many thought they would see this air in the finals. Both cars sounded real stout and came out just boiling the tires. As the TransAm backed up Rocky had the flame show going which got the crowds approval. The TransAm was denied the ride to the finals as the Mustang took care of business with another six-second pass.

Chris Massarella with the Total Insanity Monza ran at Lebanon Valley Raceway in NY. on Friday night and loaded up to travel the 12 hours just to be a part of this great race.

Rob Bundy with the Shellshock Vega came from Pa and put down two solid 7.60 runs for his first visit to Ohio.

The final round pitted the Snakebite Mustang against the Rollin’ Stoned Cuda.

Due to the rain that threatened the area the attendance was down but it was confirmed that the spectators that braved the weather sure got to see a great show.

As the finals were in the staging lanes the weather turned bad and was the beginning of a storm that laid down 3 ½ inches of water in about two hours. The show was over. The winners were crowned by virtue of the quicker E.T.

Frank Barnard with the Poison Arrow became a two time FCN winner and Mike Klontz with the Snakebite Mustang posted his third consecutive FCN title.

Special thanks to all of the fine companies that help support this event and The GLNFCC. Mike’s Roofing, Pace Performance, Peak Products, Herculiner, Good Vibrations Motorsport and Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels.

The following companies posted special awards for the event. Len Hughes Magneto, Sylvanson Web Technologies, Straightline Designs, Minute Man Staffing, Warped Worm Engineering, Classy Carts, and Vic Miller.

3rd Annual Marion County Nostalgia Funny Car Nationals

August 7, 2010
Marion County International Raceway, LaRue, OH

As with any big gathering there were months of preparation and at times it seem like the race would never get here. Then in the blink of an eye it’s over and we are planning for next year.

The day started early with most of the funny cars already in the pits and being prepared for battle. This year there were eleven states represented and The Rainmaker injected funny car came from Canada.

When the cars were called to the lanes for the preview the final count was 6 injected, 21 blown and 2 nitro funny cars on the grounds.

To add even more excitement to the show there were also 4 front engine nitro dragsters, 20 gassers plus the track ran their regular bracket program and a quick sixteen class.

When the funny car class began, back in the mid 60’s they were injected on gas and nitro. We had 6 injected alcohol car that were on hand to show their respect to these pioneers. Some of the cars had stack injectors and all of them did wheels up launch as they did in the old days. These cars ran in the mid to low 8 second range with MPH’s in the 140 range.

Next up were the blown alcohol funny cars. There were 21 blown cars entered. The Lill Miss Behavior Challenger broke testing and was unable to make the call. This left 10 pairs of cars that made fast unpredictable and exciting runs. The Fuelish Monza did his usual quarter mile dance and wowed the crowd. There were many low seven-second runs and two six-second passes.

Twenty wild gassers, the nitro dragsters and the nitro funny cars filled out the show.

Justin Grant’s Stardust Cuda driven by Mike Lewis took on Army Armstrong in The Mexican Revolution. Both cars came out belching nitro and doing dry hops. It took some negotiating to get down the quarter mile for both cars. The Mexican Revolution took the win light.

The second round came with the sun setting and it was time for funny cars under the lights.

Out first again were the injected funny cars. The Rainmaker Arrow was unable to return for the second round. Brad Cashel out of Carmel, IN had the original Don Geradot Corvette. It is the same as it was when Don ran the car back in the mid 70’s. The Poison Arrow and The No Money, No Funny Nova were the class standouts and will meet in the Injected finals.

First blown pair was The Total Insanity Monza from NJ taking on The Fuelish Monza from In. The Fuelish car again did not disappoint the crowd. At the hit Tracy pulled the front end up and carried it for sometime then the car reacted and was side ways with Tracy finally getting the car calmed down enough to get down the track.

The Destroyer Trans Am out of NC was definitely the one to beat this round, but they had to work for it as the car was a handful but clicked the timers with a 6.34/217. The crowd went nuts.

There were many great runs with some of the cars reaching personal best. Jerry Streb in The Dazed & Confused Camaro ran almost back-to-back 7.25’s. Bob Rosetty in The Rollin Stoned Cuda from Philadelphia ran a strong 7.29 and The New Generation Corvette driven by Matt Stambaugh ran a very stout 7.11/183.

The Nitro funnies came out for on last run. Both cars thrilled the crowd with their burnouts and dryhops. On the line there was some confusion with The Mexican Revolution car and the crew only took out on of the parachute safety flags. Once the car took off and shook a little it rattled the other chute loose with The Camaro running the full quarter with the chute out. In the other lane Mike Lewis had his hands full with the slippery track and could not catch the Camaro.

The blown finals had The SnakeBite Mustang (6.86) taking on The Destroyer Trans Am (6.34). On paper it didn’t look good for the SnakeBite but I’m sure he was planning on doing his best on the tree. Both cars put on a show and did great smoky burnouts. They staged and where ready to do battle. Unfortunately there was some oil under the Destroyer and they were shut off. The SnakeBite took a single and the win. It was later found out that the oil came from the puke tank.

Next up was the Injected finals with Frank Barnard in The Poison Arrow (8.04) taking on The No Money, No Funny Nova (8.32).

Either way the injected crown was going to NJ this year. The cars were staged and the Poison Arrow car was lined up in the oil tracks from the previous run. At the hit the Poison Arrow took a hard right but Frank fought it and caught Willie at the strip with a .099 win margin.

This years Funny Car Nationals was a great success with a great crowd and the biggest field of funny cars this side of The Mississippi for probably 25 years.

Thank you to the following companies for helping with the event and sponsoring the special awards. Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels, Sylvanson Web Technologies, Fowler Engines, Len Hughes Magneto, Good Vibrations, Minute Man Staffing, Warped Worm Engineering, Finish Line Car & Truck, Classy Carts, MJM Trucking, HERCULINER, Mr. Gasket, Ramco Rental and Mike’s Roofing.

Thanks to the great people at Marion County International Raceway for giving us a place to put on this great event.